Hi! I’m KK


This being crafty thing- is tough

You are definitely not alone though.

I know you are unsure of your crafting skills.  I know you think you don’t have enough crafting space or crafting supplies.

You need a BETTER way to craft.

And to learn the techniques that will make crafting enjoyable- a time of happiness.

And to feel successful, valued and appreciated for the creative individual that your are.

“I believe you can create beautiful craft pieces for you and your loved ones-

No matter your craft skill level”-

KK- founder of Maker Beautiful

Here’s what others are saying

Sara- “Crafting was always something I thought I could never do, but you made it so simple that even I could create amazing crafts”

Kaelin- “Your craft techniques have saved my crafts time and time again! I can’t thank you enough”

Emma- “I thought I wasn’t creative- when really I just was never taught the skills to craft. I have learned so much. I feel like I could make anything now!”

Jennifer- “It can be intimidating, but once you get the hang of it its so much fun”

Imagine you creating beautiful crafts everyone will love

When you become part of the Maker Beautiful community you will get all the creative secrets you need to create beautiful craft pieces that everyone loves – even if you don’t have those magical “crafting skills”!

Join our community of creatives- just like you

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Maker Beautiful's Story

Hi, I’m KK. Founder of Maker Beautiful where we inspire and teach you to create beautiful crafts everyone will love.

I get it my sweet friend you’re frustrated and overwhelmed with crafting-I was once there too.

Not too long ago, I felt like crafting was a creative gift that was not given to me past childhood.  I cherished my days of crafting as a child and remembered the happiness that it had brought to me for many years. 

As life got tough as a mom and wife with work and kids and all the responsibilities that come along with it I found myself seeking a quick way to escape the everyday overwhelm.  I leaned towards my childhood passion of crafting and I quickly realized that crafting had greatly advanced from my childhood crafting days in Girl Scouts.

I felt deflated, un-experienced and even more overwhelmed.  I had no idea where to start and even worse I had begun to doubt my creative abilities and myself in general. I desperately wanted to create beautiful custom pieces for myself, our home and my loved one. I just had no idea how.

After a few days, I convinced myself to start with just one small craft project and see how it went.  Well, my sweet friend of course my first craft did not go as planned- but what I realized was that I still loved the crafting experience and I was so proud and happy with my results.  I thought about how amazing it would be once I learned the best crafting techniques and how I would be able to produce beautiful craft items that everyone would love.

That’s when I realized that if I wanted to be a “super crafter” and produce beautiful craft items consistently- then I would have to get serious about learning the newest and best crafting techniques.  I spent hours and hours learning from the best resources I could find and then implementing what I learned to develop my craft skills to create beautiful pieces that everyone loves. 

I have learned so much about creating beautiful custom craft pieces and I can hardly wait to share my proven crafting techniques with you so you can create your own beautiful craft pieces that everyone will LOVE.

Inside the Maker Beautiful Community you will find the confidence and skills you need to create beautiful crafts

Maker Beautiful was founded with you in mind. It’s a community and program that will help guide you through the crafting process and teach you the skills you need to feel successful with your creations.

Our community is here to help you on your crafting journey.

We are a community of creative women here to create beautiful crafts together, have crafty conversations, form friendships and provide a supporting network to grow together as crafters.

Briana- “OMG amazing. I’ve been trying to find a good and informative video to start”

Beth- “keep at it. Each project you do it will begin to make more sense”

Laurie- “Beautiful!”

Callie- “They are absolutely beautiful! I have made lots of small things but never attempted a large project. You have inspired me to try a larger project this year Thanks”

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